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It seems like everyone today is glued to their iPads, Smart Phones and other electronic devices. These items are a great convenience, but they sure get dirty fast. My cell phone is so easily smudged. I barely have to touch it and the screen shows the fingerprints. I also worry about germs, since who knows what gets on there when I just grab my phone and go.

Unfortunately, you can’t clean electronics with regular cleaners because they are too abrasive and liquid cleaners can damage the components. So, in an attempt to remedy this problem, we looked for a gentle, yet effective cleaning cloth. We tested quite a few. Some were too harsh, some too soft and others just didn’t work. After contacting a few manufacturers, we finally found a cleaning cloth that works wonders. This lint free blue cloth not only removes smudges, dust and dirt – it cuts down on glare. Imagine that – being able to see and read the screen! You do not use cleaners or water with this cloth. Just rub gently over the screen’s surface. Don’t worry, it won’t scratch or stain. You spend hundreds on your phones, etc. so it makes sense to keep them clean and make them easier to see/use.

We believe so strongly in this item that we have decided to give you FREE shipping on it. $5 seems a small price to pay for preserving your lifeline to your family and friends. Use the code LOOP when you order. Click here to check the item out.


Touch Screen Cloth

As always, let us know what you think about this blog and our products. We’re working on a blog about “green” cleaning next. We would love your input on that. Also, before I forget – thanks to everyone for their comments on our Facebook page about our first blog. If you have not “liked” us yet, please consider doing so by clicking here.  We really want to be a community and source of facts and fun for you.

Until next time – clean on!


P.S. That’s my hand in the shot! I sometimes fill in as a hand model. We do use vendor shots for some items, but we also have a professional photographer on staff!


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