A Whole Lotta Shaking Going On! Vibe-Away Washing Machine Anti Vibration Pads – Do they really work?

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Have you ever had your washer “walk”? Not only can it be loud, having a washing machine or dryer that shakes, rattles, rocks and moves can cause damage to your floors or even your dryer. In addition, there is the chance for your washer to become unplugged and the potential for flooding. Uneven flooring is often the culprit.  The good news is – there is a product that alleviates the issue. Vibe-Away Anti Vibration Pads go underneath your washer or dryer, absorbing and eliminating noise, vibration and movement.

One of my coworkers was experiencing this problem and agreed to report back on her experience with this item. According to Marie, her washer was becoming increasingly louder. “It inevitably would happen when I was upstairs. I could hear a thump, thump sound – not only was it annoying, I was worried about my washer walking and moving around my basement.”

Marie ended up using just 2 of the 4 pads to eliminate the noise and movement. Normally, you use 4, but due to the unevenness of her flooring, 2 did the trick. “It was a really simple solution to an aggravating problem,” she says. If you have this issue, this may be your answer. The pads are a “green” product, made from recycled tires. So, they’re not only good for your laundry room, they’re good for the earth! 🙂

Here are some photos she took of the process.

Lifting the washer to slide the Vibe-Away under.

Wibe-Away - 2

A view of one of the Vibe-Aways in place.

Vibe-Away 3

Another view of the Vibe-Aways in place.

If you too are tired of your washer or dryer scooting across the floor, leave us a comment. We’ll choose one lucky person to receive a set of Vibe-Away Pads! And don’t fret if you don’t win, you can always order them by clicking here.

Let us know what you think of this item, this blog or drop us a line with any other laundry/cleaning/organizing issue you want us to investigate.

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