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I love spending time outside during the nice weather, but I don’t love the insects that seem to follow me. Have you had that problem this year? I also ran into a bit of an ant issue in my kitchen. We’ve been experiencing very warm temperatures and a bit of a drought here in upstate, NY.  I was told that ants come inside to search for water. Be gone I say!


Beautiful flowers, but boy were the bugs out this day! It had been raining the night before, so it was the perfect storm.

The only insect I can’t stand more than ants are mosquitoes. They seem to love me. I’m a bit wary of spraying chemicals on myself, so I was very willing to be the product tester for Buzz Away.  This is one of our new items. It claims to be sweat proof, waterproof and Deet free. It also keeps black flies away for up to 4 hours. I tested it one evening at an outdoor concert. I give it a big thumbs up – no bites! It does not stink either, like other sprays do.

Buzz Away Natural Bug Spray

I give this natural insect repellent a thumbs up. Easy to apply, long lasting and it does not smell bad.

Some people (like me) seem to be more prone to getting bit than others. If you are in the same boat, here are some tips to ward off biting bugs:

  •   Mosquitoes love dawn and dusk, so if you can limit outdoor exposure at those times, you reduce your risk.
  •   Dark clothing is a big draw to bugs, so dress in lighter colors or white. You’ll stay cooler too!
  •   Situate yourself near a fan. Your scent won’t be detected. I did not believe this one, but it really works!
  •   Perfume, scented soaps and sweat are a bug draw to these bugs, so limit fragrances and excess activity as much as you can.
  •   Get rid of any standing/stagnating water in and around your home. It acts as a bug breeding ground.

Hopefully, these ideas will help you keep bugs away!

Enjoy the rest of your Summer,



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