A Whole Lotta Shaking Going On! Vibe-Away Washing Machine Anti Vibration Pads – Do they really work?

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Have you ever had your washer “walk”? Not only can it be loud, having a washing machine or dryer that shakes, rattles, rocks and moves can cause damage to your floors or even your dryer. In addition, there is the chance for your washer to become unplugged and the potential for flooding. Uneven flooring is often the culprit.  The good news is – there is a product that alleviates the issue. Vibe-Away Anti Vibration Pads go underneath your washer or dryer, absorbing and eliminating noise, vibration and movement.

One of my coworkers was experiencing this problem and agreed to report back on her experience with this item. According to Marie, her washer was becoming increasingly louder. “It inevitably would happen when I was upstairs. I could hear a thump, thump sound – not only was it annoying, I was worried about my washer walking and moving around my basement.”

Marie ended up using just 2 of the 4 pads to eliminate the noise and movement. Normally, you use 4, but due to the unevenness of her flooring, 2 did the trick. “It was a really simple solution to an aggravating problem,” she says. If you have this issue, this may be your answer. The pads are a “green” product, made from recycled tires. So, they’re not only good for your laundry room, they’re good for the earth! 🙂

Here are some photos she took of the process.

Lifting the washer to slide the Vibe-Away under.

Wibe-Away - 2

A view of one of the Vibe-Aways in place.

Vibe-Away 3

Another view of the Vibe-Aways in place.

If you too are tired of your washer or dryer scooting across the floor, leave us a comment. We’ll choose one lucky person to receive a set of Vibe-Away Pads! And don’t fret if you don’t win, you can always order them by clicking here.

Let us know what you think of this item, this blog or drop us a line with any other laundry/cleaning/organizing issue you want us to investigate.

Keep on cleaning,



“Clean” Up Your Diet With Ice Cream

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Hello Cleaning Friends!

I know I promised a blog about green cleaning, but in honor of July being National Ice Cream month (yes, such a designation does exist), I wanted to share an AMAZING, super easy recipe I tried. So instead of cleaning up our homes this week, we’ll be cleaning up our diets.

Ice cream, as we all know, can be loaded with fat and calories. This ice cream however, is all natural and made with just one ingredient – bananas! I was highly skeptical that using only bananas could result in delicious ice cream, but it’s true! I’m a big time ice cream nut, so if it passes my taste test, any ice cream fan will love it. So, here goes:

You will need:

  • 2 bananas
  • vanilla (optional)

Place 2 ripe bananas in the freezer at least 3 hours (overnight is best). Nanas should be ripe but not totally smooshy – a little before the banana bread recipe ingredient stage. Cut the bananas. I used our Paring Knives to cut them (yes, not so subtle product plug I know).  I like these knives because they are sharp, easy to hold/use, come in cheery colors and you can use them to avoid cross contamination (one color for meats, one for veggies, etc.).

Place bananas in blender and blend for 2.5 minutes.

You will need to scrape the frozen banana time to time. Add 2 teaspoons vanilla (optional). Blend another 2.5 minutes. The bananas will turn into a consistency similar to frozen custard. They do not have an overly banana-like taste, it’s milder.

Scrape into a serving dish or cone. Add chocolate syrup, chips, fruit, granola or whatever you desire.

This makes 2 servings. You can make more and freeze it, but it tastes best fresh. I cannot emphasize enough how impressive and delicious this was!! And the best part – it’s only 105 calories per serving – wow!

So, that’s it – enjoy the recipe, feel free to share your own. I would also love to know what you think if you try it. I’ll be back soon with more cleaning, cooking and organizing tips. Thanks, as always, for reading!  🙂

Your cleaning (and today cooking) confidant,


Clean Screens

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It seems like everyone today is glued to their iPads, Smart Phones and other electronic devices. These items are a great convenience, but they sure get dirty fast. My cell phone is so easily smudged. I barely have to touch it and the screen shows the fingerprints. I also worry about germs, since who knows what gets on there when I just grab my phone and go.

Unfortunately, you can’t clean electronics with regular cleaners because they are too abrasive and liquid cleaners can damage the components. So, in an attempt to remedy this problem, we looked for a gentle, yet effective cleaning cloth. We tested quite a few. Some were too harsh, some too soft and others just didn’t work. After contacting a few manufacturers, we finally found a cleaning cloth that works wonders. This lint free blue cloth not only removes smudges, dust and dirt – it cuts down on glare. Imagine that – being able to see and read the screen! You do not use cleaners or water with this cloth. Just rub gently over the screen’s surface. Don’t worry, it won’t scratch or stain. You spend hundreds on your phones, etc. so it makes sense to keep them clean and make them easier to see/use.

We believe so strongly in this item that we have decided to give you FREE shipping on it. $5 seems a small price to pay for preserving your lifeline to your family and friends. Use the code LOOP when you order. Click here to check the item out.


Touch Screen Cloth

As always, let us know what you think about this blog and our products. We’re working on a blog about “green” cleaning next. We would love your input on that. Also, before I forget – thanks to everyone for their comments on our Facebook page about our first blog. If you have not “liked” us yet, please consider doing so by clicking here.  We really want to be a community and source of facts and fun for you.

Until next time – clean on!


P.S. That’s my hand in the shot! I sometimes fill in as a hand model. We do use vendor shots for some items, but we also have a professional photographer on staff!

Get A “Hand”le on Your Cleaning, Glitzy Glove Review

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Hello and welcome to our newest blog! I’m here to help you with all your cleaning and organizing needs. I know there are some people out there who love to clean. Others? Not so much. Personally, I love the feel of a neat, clean and organized home. I just want the process of getting there to be fast and easy. Join me in creating a community where we can share suggestions, swap stories and have a good time. We may even throw in some contests, coupons and giveaways along the way. Who knows? It’s up to you!

For my inaugural blog, I wanted to show you a new item that came into our department. We don’t carry every product that comes our way, but it’s sure fun to test them all out. How do we find these items? We attend trade shows (in Las Vegas, Chicago & Florida) throughout the year to see firsthand the latest and the greatest. We also receive samples in the mail.

Today’s cleaning contender is a pair of cleaning gloves.

Cleaning Gloves

These shiny, silvery mitts are being marketed as a 4-layer, waterproof cleaning miracle. The metallic, futuristic looking outside is meant for scrubbing. The sponge interior is soft, intended to protect your hands and keep them dry. Honestly, although these gloves look like something Michael Jackson would wear, they are an interesting concept. The manufacturer promotes them for cleaning dishes or bathrooms, BBQ grills and even car wheels.  They are intended to replace a sponge. By wearing these, you can get into tight spots, use less soap and get greater cleaning control.

My take? They feel very comfortable to wear and do seem to work. The surface is a little scratchy/abrasive, so I would not recommend them for really delicate surfaces or glass. Or, if you do try them on those surfaces, make sure you test a small corner first.

We haven’t decided if we will carry these yet. What do you think? Should we or shouldn’t we? While you ponder that, enjoy a pic of a couple of our “product testers” (our Creative Director & Merchant) modeling/trying them out.

Testing them out!

If you have any items you want us to test, suggest or are looking for,  please let us know!

In the meantime, clean on!

-Connie 🙂

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