Fall Fun

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We were so fortunate in Upstate New York this weekend to enjoy warm weather. The photo you see here was taken at a nearby Fall festival.

Beautiful weather!

It was a delightful day to be outside. Dry, mild conditions also made it perfect for completing those outdoor chores – mowing the lawn for the last time, raking leaves, cleaning out the gutters, etc.

So, what is on your “to-do” list this month? Mine includes putting away my deck furniture. I try to wait until the last possible moment, but that can be a problem.

October Snow. Don't let this happen to your furniture!

Last year, it snowed before Halloween. Oops! This year, I will be better prepared.

If you have heavy outdoor furniture like I do, moving it inside is not always possible. Or, you may not have the space. That is also my issue, as I have a small shed and one car garage that really limits what I can store behind closed doors. Furniture Covers solve both problems instantly. I have been using these covers for years. They are the easiest way to keep rain, snow, slush, mud and debris out. Think of it this way – you would never leave your house in the dead of Winter without a coat on, so why would you leave your outdoor furniture uncovered in the same conditions? Enjoy the rest of the season!


Autumn is Apple Time!

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Autumn is upon us!

I know it’s still officially summer, but here in upstate NY, the days are getting shorter and you can feel Fall in the air. As Fall approaches, my thoughts turn to fall fun like apple picking and baking apple pies. This year, I wanted to try making a pie with my favorite new apple, the Paula Red. Have you ever had one? It tastes a little like a macintosh but with a hint of a strawberry taste. They are a firm apple, but can get soft when cooked, so they are better suited for a recipe like applesauce (as opposed to a pie).

If you do like making apple dishes, our Apple Peeler & Corer really comes in handy. It saves a lot of time and effort, giving you more time to enjoy the great outdoors. So, let’s get out there and start baking! Need a recipe to get you started? Click here for an easy applesauce recipe for you to try!

Apple Peeler & Corer

Apple Peeler & Corer does the hard work!

Feel free to let me know what you think of the recipe and Paula Red apples. I would love to hear about your seasonal favorites as well, so drop me a line. 🙂

Here’s to a fun Fall!


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